For Sale

Fall 2017

For a full listing of bulls available click on this link 2018 Bull Sale Catalogue   You can look on-line or download it or if you want a hard copy please phone or email and we will mail one to you.

All the heifers that we are going to sell have been sold but will have some more available in the fall.

I went down to North Carolina and picked up two new bulls, one that has great milk, really good weaning and yearling weight and the second that gives low birth weight and solid weaning / yearling weights.  Having said that we need to sell some of our younger herd bulls that we have retained for our own and our son-in-laws use.

Weighed and vaccinated all the animals early October and weaned October 13th.

1C - 2 yearTARGET CHIEF CK 1C 

EPD's for Target Chief 1 C

Birth200 Day Weight (kg)400 Day Weight (kg)Milk (kg)
Breed Avg.+1.6+14+24+6


EPD's for Target Camper 2C

Birth200 Day Weight (kg)400 Day Weight (kg)Milk (kg)
Breed Avg.+1.6+14+24+6

Both of these two year old Pinpur Movin’On sons have gave us great calves on heifers with 1C averaging 73 pounds and 2C averaging 83 pounds.  Both have really tapered shoulders and the calves all were born unassisted this spring.  We now have their heifers retained in the herds and it is time for them to go to a new home.  1C weighs 1,430 pounds while 2C weighs 1,400 pounds.

3 D - long yearling     TARGET DAKOTA 3D

EPD's for Target Dakota 3D

Birth200 Day Weight (kg)400 Day Weight (kg)Milk (kg)
Breed Avg.+1.6+14+24+6

4D - long yearling     TARGET DANCER 4D

EPD's for Target Dancer 4D

Birth200 Day Weight (kg)400 Day Weight (kg)Milk (kg)
Breed Avg.+1.6+14+24+6

Both these Leopold sons were used on our own cows this year.  I really like how they turned out.  They are above average for all the EPD’s. Just very docile well mannered bulls that did their job.  3D weighs 1,340 pounds and 4D weighs 1,215 pounds.

16D - long yearling     TARGET DELAWARE 16D

EPD's for Target Delaware 16D

Birth200 Day Weight (kg)400 Day Weight (kg)Milk (kg)
Breed Avg.+1.6+14+24+6

This bull is only registered in Canada but I gave the link to the US site for the EPD’s and actual weights.  This bull was a 75 pound calf and will throw light weight calves with above average milk.  If you want to down size your average cow weight this is a good bull to use.  His weight is 1,180 pounds.

32 D - long yearling     TARGET DARE 32D

EPD's for Target Dare 32D

Birth200 Day Weight (kg)400 Day Weight (kg)Milk (kg)
Breed Avg.+1.6+14+24+6

This guy is out of the same bull (7Y) as 16D but will really throw light weight calves, his birth weight was 65 pounds.  He has average for milk production, but as he is Red Poll, that is more than anything out there unless it is a dairy breed.  His weight is 1,075 pounds, his sire we used on heifers for six years as they don’t get too heavy and break down heifers.

37 D - long yearling     TARGET DAVIS 37D

A late calf last year so I have no EPD numbers.  His birth weight was 62 pounds and he is out of the old Rodeo bull that we stopped using last year at eleven year of age.  On his dam’s side it is a Rodeo and 7Y cross.  Again this Rodeo line and the 7Y line are the ones we sell to for light weight calves and smaller cows while not sacrificing milk or udders.

We had a great crop of calves last year with a good selection of both heifers and bulls.  We have culled the ones that are not up to our standards after weaning so we will see how the balance do this winter.   The bull calves are out of five different blood lines with a great selection.  I included the EPD numbers that were available for all the younger bulls in the catalogue, click on this link 2018 Bull Sale Catalogue .