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With the Cows, Bulls and yearlings we have over 150 registered head of cattle, we can match the right stock for you.

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About Shadow Creek Farm

Since 1983 we have been raising and selling registered Red Poll cattle.  Our focus is on a good solid cow herd with great udders and feet. Our bulls that we raise for the commercial cattleman have a tidy head and smooth shoulders that allow them to used on yearling heifers for ease of calving.  A strong Red Poll trait is that the calves are aggressive and up and sucking soon after birth (we have had them still wet, standing and sucking by 15 minutes old).

Why our Red Poll stand out

Dual Purpose

The Red Poll breed is considered a dual purpose beef breed and as such these genetics will give you additional milk production in your retained replacement heifers.


Red Poll cattle are a moderate sized animal, that throw a lighter birth weight calf. Having a small head and smooth shoulders, calves are born easily and are very vigorous at birth. Our bulls have been used primarily by the commercial cattle breeders on their heifers for 40 years now. Most of our sales are repeat customers so the Red Poll is filling a need that can help your operation also.

Solid Grow and Size

We weigh our cow herd in the spring after calving when we vaccinate and our average cow weight holds steady at just over 1,200 pounds.


After 40 year we are still learning but the experience is priceless. Not every customer wants or needs the same animal. We have kept the positive traits of the Red Poll breed while using the best bloodlines we have sourced from around the world. Travel has been essential in comparing different Red Poll cattle from Australia, New Zealand and the United States. The Red Poll World Congress gathers breeders from all parts of the globe and the time spent with each and every one of them in invaluable. Let us put that knowledge to work for you.

Customer Reviews

I can see why you want 19E back when I’m done with him. 18 of 20 heifers calved out so far. 60-pound calves , and ferocious – chase their freaked-out mothers down to get that first suck. Even a set of twins that the heifer had no choice but to accept. Well done.
Bill Smith
Groundbirch, BC
We have 13 beautiful Red Poll calves on the ground so far, waiting on two more. They are so different from the calves out of our commercial herd. The calves are up and sucking before they are even dry. The four heifers will add to our growing herd!!!!
Jennifer Weber
Worsley, Alta

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