Posts By: Dean & Marsha Anderson

June 2021

After quite a year both Marsha and I have both of our COVID shots, and all the bulls are delivered or picked up. Marsha sold over thirty bulls this year as well as a couple of starter female groups. Animals went as far away as New Hazelton to the west, Princeton, BC and Lundbreck, Alta to the south and Moosomin, Sask to the east.

We had 70 calves on the ground this spring out of our three herd bulls. No AI calves, I was waiting last year for semen to arrive from four new bulls from overseas but with all the uproar about Covid none showed till late fall. That said we are expecting over twenty some AI calves this next spring.

It was a slow start to the growing season this year (another mini drought) but with the recent rains things should catch up. Cows, calves and Bulls all look great so come for a visit.

Fall 2019

Had a different summer with the continued drought till July then it started raining and never stopped.  Most of the winters feed supply is wrapped haylage, but we have enough.

Weaned the 3rd of October and the average adjusted weights for the bull calves was 575 pounds, adjusted weights for the heifer calves was 520 pounds and the steers came in at 582 pounds.

Going to have over 50 calves on feed this winter so there will be a good selection for the catalogue which I hope will be out in November.

Satisfied customer

It is always good to hear back from a client but this one was really good.


I can see why you want 19E back when I’m done with him. 18 of 20 heifers calved out so far. 60 pound calves , and ferocious – chase their freaked out mothers down to get that first suck. Even a set of twins that the heifer had no choice but to accept.

Well done.


Bull sales, Calving and cold weather

Well we saw minus 42 degrees in February for a while and close to that the start of March.  Got the first dozen calves on the ground without mishap through the cold weather.  It has now warmed up and a good thing to as there is 30 calves due in the next two weeks.

Bull sales have been going good with over half already spoke for.  There is still a good selection of heifer bulls for this spring delivery.

Spring 2019 Bull Catalogue is finally done

Well after much procrastination I have finally got the catalogue done.  The Sales page is updated and we are slated to have a booth in the Peace Country Beef Congress.

Had a great crop of calves last spring with the vast majority coming off our home grown bulls as I was away for the most part during the 2017 breeding season.  Our new herd bull Target Deputy 9D is proving out exceptionally well, we will likely keep him around for quite a few years.

Did some more AI this last summer with a new bull from the United Kingdom called Moreton Danny Boy.  Always trying out new bloodline to see what the results are and the go back in three years time if the results are good on a broad range of cows.

Weaned Fall 2017

Well, can not complain as this year we were able to wean off the calves while the weather was nice.  The calves varied in age from 150 to 200 days.

Our bull calves averaged 589 pounds off of an average 1,170 pound cow for 50.7% weaned weight.

The heifer calves averaged 543 pounds off of an average 1,230 pound cow for a 44.8% weaned weight.

Just goes to show that you can get really good weight calves off of smaller frame cows that are more economical to keep.

Some of the heifer calves have already been spoken for to go to Ontario.


New Bulls from North Carolina


When we stopped at Wilkshire Farms in North Carolina in June I was impressed with Jeff Wilkins animals.  Went back in early September and bought this young bull as well as a long yearling that Jeff had used on his heifers.  Four days down and another four back with over 5,000 Kilometers each way.  Talk about crazy, so glad to get home.

15th International Red Poll Congress and Tour

IMG_0688Well this is coming a bit late.  Dean spent the month of June touring Red Poll farms in ten different eastern and mid west US states and a couple more for just traveling.  Spent a day at Purdue University (which has a long history with Red Poll cattle) participating in seminars and their meat lab.  Another part day at Purina’s research farm.   There was lots of time spent looking at and discussing Red Poll cattle with people from Kenya, England, New Zealand, Australia and of course the US and Canada.

Of course we got to spend time in Nashville and go to the Grand Ole Opry.  Many thanks to all the breeders that went to the work of opening their farms and showing their cattle.  I was able to take away much more from this trip then the first one I went on in Australia three years ago.

Bull Sale Season


Bull sale season is on us and we would encourage everybody to put a deposit down now to reserve a bull for spring delivery.  We will accept 12 deposits as we keep a couple of bulls in reserve.  Our bull are guaranteed to pass their exam in the spring or we will give you a comparable or better bull from our reserve.  In the rare case that a bull is not available, we will happily give the deposit back or you will get first choice on the next years crop if so desired.

we have an excellent crop of heifer calves out of three different sires, $2,600 on a you pick basis or we can put together a package deal with an appropriate bull as we have a wide selection of bulls from five different sires.

What a Year

I will try and paraphrase what our year was like.  The drought of 2015 carried through the winter with no snow to speak of !  Never got the snow blower out once to clear the roads or the feed yards.  The down side of this drought was it carried through to May when we had fires, forest fires all around the property, spent quite a few hours with the big tractor and breaking disk laying down fire guards, most held and we stopped the largest fires a mile and a half from the main yard.

Coming at us

Coming at us

Well then we had rain (good for the fires), it was the 40 days and 40 nights of rain so guess what, floods!  The rain stopped and the fields became passable for equipment and we had our best hay crop in over four years, and then came the grass hoppers (locusts), so we were waiting for the frogs.

Enough of that.  great calf crop with mostly heifers, with a 70 pound birth weight average.  A set of twins this year, our first.  The calves and cows did better then ever this year even though most of the pastures were covered with running water till mid July.

Weaned the calves in October with the bull calves averaging 597 pounds while the heifer calves averaged 539 pounds.  Up substantially from 570 and 514 from 2015, have to attribute this to a drought last year and a flood this year.  Set up for the winter and who knows what next year will bring, keep you posted.