Winter / Spring 2024

– 2024 Spring Bull Sale Catalogue

This year we have a selection of bulls out of nine different sires.  These are a combination of two year old and yearlings.  Our heifer calves, that we had for sale, sold early right off the cows.  We have four bred heifers available for sale.  All the animals are listed on this site, you can download the catalogue or if you want a hard copy please phone or email and we will mail one to you.

We always steer any bull calves that do not meet our criteria and/or conformation standards as well as anything out of a cow that we have culled for any reason.

Our guarantee is that the bulls all pass their bull tests and will do their job or we will replace them or refund your purchase price.

We always have a limited selection of young and mature cows that do not fit in our breeding program.  Nothing wrong with them, they are just excess and Marsha will give you the rational why they are for sale.  Anything that we would not keep for ourselves always go for meat.


  • We also will do startup / breeding packages with a selection of younger cows and heifers with a bull that compliments their bloodlines at reasonable prices for young breeders just getting started.
Older Bulls
Younger Bulls
Bred Heifers