Red Poll World Congress

Red Poll World Congress

The 14th Red Poll World Congress was held for three weeks, late October and early November, in Australia. There were participants from Kenya, Jamaica, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Australia. We got to see working cattle ranches, breeding studs, show cattle, feed yards, test stations and a wide variety of breeds as well as conditions that cattle are raised in Australia. It came as no surprise that the Red Poll breed figured in most of the commercial farms that we stopped at in both the lush south as well as the dry north. It is amazing how well the Red Poll does on very little feed during the dry season and still produce a calf every year. We had seminars and presentations along with a very knowledgeable people that were on the trip. I can truly say that I am smarter and have more ideas then I can possibly hope to achieve in my lifetime.

Rodeo Red Poll

It is with much excitement that we are able to purchase all the remaining Rodeo Red Poll breeding stock. After 68 years breeding and promoting Red Poll cattle, Mr. Harold Howe has decided to disperse his remaining Rodeo Red Poll cattle because his age is catching up to him. We wish Harold all the best. After full round of vaccination and worming we have kept the animals separated from the rest of the herd till the bull is pulled the end of August.

April Calves

Early Calving

By April 26th we had 20 out of 21 calves on the ground and all within the first 21 days of the cows/heifers being turned out with the bull. Talk about fertility!

Autralian Steers


While on a trip down under to visit our son and daughter in law and their two great kids we went and visited Ian and Jill Coghlan at Eurimbla Red Polls. This was not a spur of the moment thing as we had been corresponding since early March of last year. We had been impressed with news coming out of Australia about the success of Eurimbla steers at the all breed feeding and slaughter trials. The one bull had topped all breeds and we went to specifically look at him, his sire and dam as well as his first crop of heifers calves. Well after two days of looking at the cattle we happily agreed to the purchase of 600 straws of semen to be imported into Canada. This will definitely help our long term goals in herd and breed improvement.

New Heifers

2013 new heifers

Spring has arrived with the first calf crop off our new heifers. They are like peas in a pod, if they did not have ear tags there is no way to tell the difference. Running to heifers calves which is great.

Fencing on the holidays


What better way to spend the holiday then finish up fencing. Like my mom used to say, “build it pig tight, horse high and bull strong”. All our fences are high tensile electric smooth wire. The moose and elk, which we have lots, just go over or through and the wire springs right back, even the buffalo don’t do any damage so it is a good investment for sure.