What a Year

I will try and paraphrase what our year was like.  The drought of 2015 carried through the winter with no snow to speak of !  Never got the snow blower out once to clear the roads or the feed yards.  The down side of this drought was it carried through to May when we had fires, forest fires all around the property, spent quite a few hours with the big tractor and breaking disk laying down fire guards, most held and we stopped the largest fires a mile and a half from the main yard.

Coming at us
Coming at us

Well then we had rain (good for the fires), it was the 40 days and 40 nights of rain so guess what, floods!  The rain stopped and the fields became passable for equipment and we had our best hay crop in over four years, and then came the grass hoppers (locusts), so we were waiting for the frogs.

Enough of that.  great calf crop with mostly heifers, with a 70 pound birth weight average.  A set of twins this year, our first.  The calves and cows did better then ever this year even though most of the pastures were covered with running water till mid July.

Weaned the calves in October with the bull calves averaging 597 pounds while the heifer calves averaged 539 pounds.  Up substantially from 570 and 514 from 2015, have to attribute this to a drought last year and a flood this year.  Set up for the winter and who knows what next year will bring, keep you posted.